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Fatal Frame IV: News about the US-Release

The new Fatal Frame part will be published this year in the U.S..

According to a web-announcement, the game won't be release as "Fatal Frame 4".

From the article: "Gaming Target has recently heard from a video game industry analyst (who wishes to remain nameless) that Fatal Frame IV is coming to America in 2009, but it may not be released as "Fatal Frame IV." Why any publisher would throw away the cult of popularity the series has gained over the years is questionable, but the desire to start fresh, and make Fatal Frame more than a cult series, could be the impetus behind that decision."


24.1.09 19:04



The official Nintendo Magazine in the UK published a short article of "Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse". Also the release-date was mentioned in this advertisment. The game will be released in February 2009.

Additionally, you can already buy (reservation) this game on They also called the release-date: 06/02/2009

1.12.08 12:28


I decided to create a new section on my homepage.

Easily said, it is a monthly survey. Every month (when the current survey ends!) I put a new survey for you in this section.
Moreover I'll publish the statistics of the last survey in an archive. So you can see all results.

You can find the new section at the top of the page... or follow the link.

17.11.08 12:37

New Design

As you can see, I have a new layout! I really like it. Only the text-scrollbar on the side ruined the layout. But, I will find a solution.

Moreover, I found the "NGamer" articles of the FFIV review:

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20.10.08 18:04

New FFIV review (EDGE)

Small news!

The "Edge" magazine published a review of the newest Fatal Frame part.

Titel                   System    Score 
 FATAL FRAME IV          Wii   8/10 
26.9.08 19:15

天野月子, Amano Tsukiko - ZERO Update

New english version of the song "ZERO no Chouritsu".

.. and the preview of the new PV.

21.9.08 19:36

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