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Translation Patch

There is an interestig patch, developed by fans of the Fatal Frame Series. The patch translates the japanese version of FFIV (NTSC-J) into Englisch (PAL). How does it work? Here you can read a full introduction. The Patch (including all the image-packs) is available to download on this page. Follow the link.
The users of this website also created a Translation-Trailer. Enjoy!
6.7.09 15:47


There is hope

A new promotion from Tecmo was found in a french magazine. There's no clue about Fatal Frame 4 on the print, but the pictures shows a modern camera with a ghosts (or an other strange thing). Either it's the new part of Fatal Frame or it's a quite new videogame of Tecmo. Maybe they have change the name of the game? (like in the USA?)

The heading means: "They will hunt your Wii-console next month."

Free Image Hosting at

Well, next moth! I'm curious about it.


EDIT: According to Nintendo, the promotion article was a mistake. Here's the quote!

"The announcement appeared by mistake in the official Nintendo magazine in France. There are currently no plans to launch Project Zero 4 in Europe."

Sounds very hard for the waiting fans in Europe.

1.4.09 11:36

Fatal Frame papercraft

The blog-user "Tubbypaws" created a papercraft of Fatal Frame. It looks very cool and I take my had off to this artist, really great work! So, take a look at this page and if you want to build your own Fatal Frame-papercraft, you can find a sheet here!

Source: Tubby-paws.blogspot

24.2.09 20:54

Ending Theme

An other new videoclip by Amano Tsukiko appeared on  The Song is called "Noise" and to my knowledge it's the ending theme of Fatal Frame 4. Enjoy it!

24.2.09 19:11

Zero no Chouritsu PV (full length)

Here is the full length PV of "Zero no Chouritsu" from Amano Tsukiko:

19.2.09 20:35

New Survey!

Please vote!

The result of the last survey was very puny, maybe it was a bad question? I don't know... so follow the link to the new one.
29.1.09 16:42

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